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VANF Herbarium's Digital CollectionThe Herbarium at the VANF approximately 2500 specimens, collected from East Anatolia from TURKEY. Specimens are either pressed and dried or preserved in Steel Cabinets.

VANF is committed to making this important collection more accessible to botanists and others, wherever they may be, for use in their own projects: particularly in biodiversity, ethnobotany, conservation, sustainable development and systematics.

So far the  big part of the collection is available in digital format. We are actively digitising the collection through routine curatorial activity and through a range of new projects which target priority subsets of the collection.

Our digital resources are thus growing at an increasing rate. Please contact us if you have suggestions for new target groups.Growing Digital ResourcesThe Herbarium's core digital collection programme b was initiated in 2018  and since then our digital resources will be grown at an increasing rate. As well as our central Herbarium Catalogue, we have an image server and many project databases with information about specimens that were built before the Catalogue became available. These are being moved into the Catalogue as resources permit.

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