Welcome to the VANF Herbarium Catalogue

This site contains the plant sample records and images of approximately 23500 identified plant sample.     

The VANF herbarium contain approximately 33 000 plant samples collected mainly in the east of Turkey. The aim of this important collection of VANF herbarium is to help everyone, especially botanists, in the fields of biodiversity, ethnobotany, conservation, systematic and sustainable development.

For this purpose, images and scientific information of the plant samples were prepared in detail.     
This page provides simple and advanced search options. You can look at the help page about how the database will be checked. We would be pleased to share your ideas with us on how to improve this site.

For accurate virtual measurement; you need to bring the image to 100% magnification. In other magnification ratios, you need to calculate proportional from the scale.

Index Herbariorum (Herbarium) Code: VANF


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